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I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness but as I am not naturally flexible yoga was always a challenge for me.  In fact, I hated my first ever yoga class but persevered with it until I became more bendy and was able to touch my toes!  Now I’m hooked on yoga and the way it makes me feel.

Yoga is unique in that it gives us greater flexibility but also builds strength and tones the body while also making us more aware of our mental and physical states.  It teaches us how to relax and breathe more deeply - essential in today’s busy, busy world.  So as well as gaining some length in our hamstrings, we are also gaining some control over our minds too!

I qualified with The British Wheel of Yoga and started teaching in 2003.  At the moment I teach 5 classes in Gloucestershire & Worcestershire and private one to ones. 

I prefer to teach a flowing, and sometimes quite physical, style of Hatha yoga which involves linking postures together to form sequences.

Each class has a warm up, flowing creative sun salutations, core strengtheners, warrior poses, relaxation, a bit of laughter and much, much more.

I believe that prevention is better than cure and everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health.  Our bodies are designed to move and in our desk/sofa bound world, we all need to move them more!

I want people to realise that everyone can do yoga – not just supple people.  The benefits are enormous.  

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