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Don't bother with New Year Resolutions ... change your perspective instead.

Whenever we enter a new year we tend to set ourselves a list of unrealistic resolutions that have generally been abandoned by the second week in January.

This year you could try and change your perspective on those areas of your life that you’re unhappy with. It isn’t always possible to change your circumstances but you can change how you view them.

Think about adopting new habits instead; small things that are easier to achieve and then these can lead to bigger changes.

How can Yoga help?

  • It is a very positive thing to do which helps us enforce any intentions we may have for the coming year.

  • By encouraging deeper breathing it helps us to rid our bodies of toxins that may have built up over the festive period

  • It speeds up our metabolism

  • It strengthens our bodies which in turn can help to strengthen our mental resolve

Looking forward to seeing you all back in class next week.

Happy New Year.

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