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The Fuzz

Stretch like a Cat!

Check out this short video by the wonderfully quirky and brilliant Dr Gil Hedley. He explains about the ‘fuzz’ that develops in our bodies when we don’t move enough. This fuzz even develops over night whilst we’re sleeping. (It’s a bit like a cobweb that forms over and in-between our muscles). The only way to get rid of it is to stretch and get moving. As Dr Gil points out, and you cat owners will know this already, the first thing that a cat does when it wakes up is to ……… streeeeetch.

Basically less movement means more fuzz, more stiffness, less range of motion & more discomfort. Let's move and melt that fuzz - oh and 'stretch like a cat' because you don't want Dr Gil to have to "whip out his scalpel" (watch the video!).

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